Polymer dancing shoes

Start your week with this polymer micromosaic dancing shoes necklace from Cynthia Toops. Her updated new works gallery shows these little slippers which you can also find on the Facere Gallery site.

Each shoe is listed as 1″ x 0.3″ x 0.2″¬†which seems impossibly small and totally Toopsian.

Cynthia continues her Metamorphis rolodex bracelet series. Her very small black and white illustrations on polymer are also recent additions.

Her Sleepless in Seattle necklace is part of the Dual Nature show at the Wing Luke Museum through January of next year. This Green Eyes necklace is made from polymer and glass.

If you haven’t explored Cynthia’s work for a while and could use some Monday inspiration, take a few minutes to click through her newest polymer treasures.

  • reply Jursvi ,

    nice article and amazing stuff.. it’s really inspiring! Thanks, Cynthia!

    • reply carissa ,

      Cynthia and her husband have found a way to constantly rethink the tried and true while keeping that ‘look’ that is their signature. Not an easy thing to do.

      • reply JeannieK ,

        She is amazingly talented!

        • reply suzanne ,

          you have such an amazing variety in your work.
          truly beautiful and inspiring!

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