Sliding to Colorado

Polymer swaps can be difficult, especially when one swapper posts a picture of her first efforts which look mighty fine to my eye. The assignment is for “slides” at next week’s meeting and I’m not even sure what that is!

These pieces are from Rebecca Watkins. Barb Fajardo posted hers here.

They moved the bar up just as I moved mine down. The small canes I’d prepared and set on my workspace a few days ago baked in the hot sun that’s been streaming in the window.

It will all be fine. I smile at my insecurity and try to channel Dayle Doroshow’s self-talk (shameless self-promotion).

This little episode gives me great appreciation for those of you who produce for deadlines and shows. I’m happiest tapping quietly on my keyboard and strolling into the studio for unpressured fun. Here’s a peek at my unfinished boho/gypsy/India slides – which I’m liking after all the fuss!

  • reply Mary Kaye ,

    Those all look great, yours and Barb’s, included. But I still don’t know what slides are. What are they?

    • reply Lynda Moseley ,

      Cynthia, I am so jealous that you get to trade work with Rebecca, one of my favorite polymer artists. I’d like to hijack her brain for a day or two to mooch some of her creative instinct.

      All the slides are beautiful. I hope you will post a group shot of all everyone’s contribution for us to see.

      • reply Melanie West ,

        Oooo lala! As Beatrice Potter’s owl says… “Makes my beak water!” You three gals have really outdone yourselves. My little slides have been humbled. 😉 Can’t wait to see what everyone else has made.

        • reply Janet pitcher ,

          They all look beautiful! I’m getting so excited! Well, I have three of mine done, I’m getting there! Looking forward to a week of non-production claying!

          • reply Marlene Brady ,

            I’m probably stating the obvious, but here goes anyway. Slides are focal pieces that “slide” onto the neck piece as opposed to hanging from (i.e., bail, punched hole, etc.). A back “tube” with a large enough hole to accommodate various sizes of closures is attached to the back of polymer clay focal piece. Or, a focal piece with a “large” hole made (going from side to side). I’ve also seen them with “brackets” made from wire on the backs of focal pieces (at each side of the piece). Anywho, I loved seeing the slides and hope you get a chance to post more. I saw some Shisha flavor in yours or maybe Bongi Kasiki. Absolutely stunning!

            • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

              Marlene – I did not know Bongi Kasiki. I’m in love and off on a whole new tangent. Thanks for noting the Shisha…that’s exactly where I was headed until you got me off track.

              My nervousness is about how a slide hangs, where I should put the hole, how large, etc. This has all been spelled out but I’m terrible at following directions. If all else fails, we’ll call it a pendant and be done. Thanks for your info.

              • reply Helen Breil ,

                The swap items are all gorgeous! Can’t wait to see them in person and get to keep one as my own – how great is that! Can’t wait to see all the others. Cynthia you should have lot’s of blogging material after next week! See you all there!

                • reply Barb Fajardo ,

                  Cynthia, I was in the same boat. I nearly ended up making just regular pendants as well. Problem solved when I went to an artist play night and a friend had wooden bracelet blanks. Made a prototype and realized they would work. I’ll bring some with so you can all see how they started out. btw, posted a side view on flickr:

                  see you soon!!! :o)

                  • reply Jan Montarsi ,

                    I AM SOOO JEALOUS. I Have been drooling over Becca’s photos all week each one is work of art & Barb’ are just dying to be touched & Cynithia it always nice to see the rare glimpes of you work, hope to see the finished ones.

                    Is there a clearing house for Retreat advertizing I always hear about them to late.

                    • reply Peg Harper ,

                      Good Morning, I feel the same way about confidence levels. Inspired by Laurie Mika’s Icons I’ve finally mounted my first gallery show here in Longmont. I waffle between total pride in what I’ve accomplished and doubts about whether my pieces are “good enough”. I have a couple friends who will be with you next week, they’re going through the same thing. Sometimes I have to just put it out here and step away from the clay! Thank you, Cynthia.

                      • reply Clare Pramuk ,

                        So what is this gathering in Colorado?

                        • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                          Clare! get with the program!! 🙂

                          Ok, mystery solved; saw Rubarb’s post this am beofre I looked at this–now my poor wee brain makes the connection to the discussion. Cynthia, your pieces are beautiful; love the arabesque shape. Let’s do see a group shot please! (with notes!)

                          • reply Deborah Ross ,

                            Wow, Cynthia…all of your slides are interesting and unique. They each have their own personality. Pretty awesome for a first try!

                            • reply carissa ,

                              Your work is lovely Cynthia. As usual!

                              • reply Kimberly Arden ,


                                I LOVE your slides. Crazy kind of love them! If you make an extra one, I’d be delighted to purchase it. Ya’ know- I am immersed in polymer on a daily basis, and these really turn my head. They are stunning.

                                • reply Lisa Mackin ,

                                  Wow – I think they are all spectacular!

                                  • reply Gera Chandler ,

                                    Have a WONDERFUL time!!
                                    Watch out for the 7:00 am moose march! 😀


                                    • reply Wendy Wallin Malinow ,

                                      Cynthia, these are great….they put mine to shame, after all this discussion about what a “slide” is, uh-oh, mine might be more in the pendant camp. oh well….
                                      too late now! Have fun this week and be sure not to make “antlers” at the moose like we did, not a good idea!

                                      • reply Lindly Haunani ,

                                        … I’m afraid I fall into the uh-oh camp! My aren’t pendants, more like what was I thinking? especially after seeing these great collections of slides. Wendy – I am really looking forward to seeing (and having one) of yours. Cynthia is is wonderful to see your series continue to evolve.

                                        • reply artybecca ,

                                          Hey, it’s me! Wondered why my etsy shop was getting so many hits today!
                                          My slides aren’t really slides either… I put rings on the back for the cable because I was afraid I wouldn’t make holes large enough or that they might warp the slides or weaken them. It will be interesting to see how everyone solved or worked around that issue.

                                          • reply claire maunsell ,

                                            All fabulous, all….would so want to see it all!

                                            • reply Christine Damm ,

                                              Guess I’m not in with the “in” crowd but I’d love to know what retreat in CO everyone is talking about. Must be something by invitation only. Please enlighten me! Thanks.

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