Shriver’s polymer splash

Sarah Shriver sneaked a few new photos into her site recently. This end of the summer Splash bracelet is perfect for today. One last dive into the summer pool.

Sarah has been exploring unusual shapes that snuggle up against each other. She builds them in Ultralight and covers them with slices of wavy, organic polymer canes.

As I prepare to leave for a week in Colorado, I’m dangling shiny new things in front of you to keep you happy while I pack and do all the errands that I’ve put off. No time for the computer, I have to lean on old friends’ work. Thanks, Sarah.

  • reply jan Montarsi ,

    Beautiful Sarah, I love the shapes and the snuggle Idea!!

    • reply caren ,

      I recently took a Sarah Shriver workshop in Albuquerque, hosted by Annie Hooten. We learned how to make beads like those. Loved it. This bracelet reminds me of a cross between a swimming pool and a watermelon!

      • reply Donna ,

        She says they are made on Ultralight then covered with polymer cane. What is Ultralight???

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