Fishing expedition

Alice Stroppel’s fat colorful fish were a hit in the slide swap. Their caned and metallic-leafed bodies made them both fanciful and believable. You’ll find Alice’s joyful canes and faces on her Etsy and home site as well.

As much late night work as swaps require, it’s worth the effort when the results are as bountiful as these. It was a Christmas morning experience.

The fish are an appropriate icon because being with a group of experienced polymer artists makes my work like shooting fish in a barrel! The network is a bit temperamental but with any luck I can share more with you each day.

If a post is missing, blame it on the mountains and come back later.

  • reply doreen kassel ,

    i love alice’s fat fish! the colors & patterns are beautiful & they’re just fun to look at. plus alice is great!

    • reply Cynthia Clayworth ,

      This is certainly out of the norm for Alice – Her work is just fabulous!

      • reply Marlene Brady ,

        Love Alice’s autumnal colors! The gathering sounds like a polymer clay artist’s dream come true; filled with encouragement, support, admiration, comradery, inspiration, fun and laughs.

        • reply Alice Stroppel ,

          What a wonderful swap and amazing work from these talented artist. One of my very favorites is yours Cynthia, luckily the one I wanted was still there when it came my time to choose.
          Thank you for featuring my fish and the kind words.

          • reply Alice Stroppel ,

            And thank you to all of you who took the time to comment on my fish. Alice

          • reply Trina Williams ,

            What a great swap. I am lucky to get guild swaps done these days. I still have cherished items from when people like Barbara McGuire and Lorie Follett were doing swaps. History in a drawer. Although I do have a mask swap that I put in a shadow box.

            • reply Iris Mishly ,

              What a bunch of millefiori posts, Cynthia! All of them are so colorful and fun.

              Alice’s fish tank rocks!
              I can imagine these on the dash of my jacket 🙂

              Thank u!

              • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

                These are all just stunning…but I’m at a loss…can some tell me what a Slide Swap is ? I know what a water slide is, but these don’t look like that’s what they are or are they?

                • reply Nancy A.P. Raymond ,

                  Hi Alice,

                  Just wanted to tell you howmuch I love your designs. The canes are gogeous as are the fish. Love the Freisan’s wall of faces too. You always make such beautiful stuff. I can’t even afford one brick of clay to start sculpting yet but hopefully if everything goes right I will have enough to pick up aat least one or two bricks of polymer clay and get my hands dirty so to speak. I know Polymer Clay is a clean clay. Just my way of saying I can’t wait to start. Thanks for your blog and for your newsletters and videos too.

                  Take care,


                  • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                    Nancy – Thanks for your kind words. Hope you dive in soon.


                    • reply Alice Stroppel ,

                      Thank you Nancy. I too hope you can start playing with clay very soon. alice

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