A brand new site from Maryland’s Mari O’Dell fills in nicely while the Colorado network taunts us with an intermittent signal.

Mari extrudes polymer with an Asian influence to create a great selection of jewelry, treasure boxes and beloved bowls. After 30 years as a public school teacher and travels around the world, she’s settled into teaching and creating with polymer in her treehouse studio.

The quote that guides her is, “To the wise, life is a festival.”

Do a happy dance for this terrific polymer artist who joins the online community.

  • reply Eva ,

    Thank you for making us discover this magnificent and elegant work!!!

    • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

      Love the quote. Love the piece. Thank you for the reminder that life is a festival.

      • reply Melinda Hayes ,

        Gorgeous piece and the quote is so true.

        • reply Scott ,

          * Happy dance!!! *
          Very impressive!

          • reply Dede Leupold ,

            I love the way Mari combines earthy and elegance. Nice website too!

            • reply Janie ,

              That is just beautiful! Off to go check out her site…

              • reply Marian Hertzog ,

                That is beautiful!

                • reply Manida ,

                  This is so beautiful, and I adore her attitude about life!

                  • reply Barbara Briggs ,

                    Absolutely lovely!

                    • reply Ann Davis ,

                      Owwhhhh BEEEEutiful!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

                      • reply Beverlyjane ,

                        Oh my ….I am in love with her craft!! What a terrific artist. Awesome.

                        • reply Penny Ellen Adams ,

                          I have had the pleasure of meeting Mari several times and watch her work. She has an awesome personality along with her incredible ability to create.
                          Everything she does is amazing!

                          • reply carissa ,

                            Mari! So nice to see you appreciated for you gifts. you go girl!

                            • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                              I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mari at the IPCA retreat in Chicago this summer–and she is an earthy, funny, and thoroughly delightful person. I was thrilled to receive one her art pieces in a swap. Go Mari! That’s a great cover piece, BTW.

                              • reply Barb Fajardo ,

                                Mari is one of the kindest and most caring individuals I have ever met and it is reflected in her art. Love that woman!!!

                                • reply Betty Adams ,

                                  I’ve been a friend of Mari’s for many years and have come to not just be inspired with her art but to realize that as she has goes forward with her art, no matter the medium she and her artwork becomes more and more inspirational and well as nearly too beautiful for words.

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