Polymer that recharges

The car dealership waiting room was my impromptu office this afternoon. So you can imagine that an email introducing me to Vancouver artist Amanda Parker was what I needed (well, that and a battery).

Amanda, who sells under the MarianandHazel name, is new to PCD and her always-white, zen-like polymer jewelry speaks softly, calmly and fashionably. She majored in glass which she still works in as she branches out into polymer and recycled leather.

If you need a Thursday breather, sit down with a quiet cup of tea and check out her site, her recent Facebook pictures and her Etsy gallery. The sites, like her designs, are soothing and restorative.

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  • reply Cara Jane ,

    Thanks for the links, as always!
    The simple elegance of the white designs are soothing indeed. Hope you got the car sorted.

    • reply Amanda Parker ,

      Thanks so much for featuring my work on your site! I am extremely honoured that you enjoy my work and wanted to share! Thanks again!

      • reply Sarah ,

        The simplicity is refreshing! Very nice!

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