Halloween reminder

This polymer witch’s finger wagged at me, reminding me that Halloween’s coming and we haven’t paid much attention! While these fingers have appeared on several sites, YoungCreative Marie’s covered Bic pen version shown here is both creepy and utilitarian! Marie also offers finger jewelry.

You must read the stories that accompany Nicole Johnson’s Mealy Monsters. Her characters are mostly grumpy misfits with issues that have a certain charm about them. This lovely lavender fellow is Gilbert. How does she give them such personality?

  • reply Marlene Brady ,

    Congratulations to Marie! I am humbled to have had my witches fingers be her inspiration. If only I had made one into a pen….drat!

    • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

      • reply Marie ,

        What a thrill! I am so happy that I wandered into Marlene’s blog to discover witch fingers. As soon as I saw them the light bulb went off in my head and I thought those would make a great pen.

        • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

          (laughing) This would be whole lot more appealing if I hadn’t caught the premiere of Walking Dead last night………Even too eeewwwyyy for me.
          But I love the pen idea.

          • reply suzanne ,

            i love the pen idea, even though it gives me the shudders…
            it is really cool/gross! and i wish i’d had that idea!

            • reply Jackie Sieben ,

              yay Marie! We’ve been oo-ing and ah-ing over your creepy Witch Finger pens all month at PCAGOE and now the world knows. Good for you. Thanks to Cynthia for lifting up our sweet friend and her talent.

              • reply Sandra Davis ,

                Cynthia the Halloween Reminder collection is fantastic.

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