Flamestitch polymer

Does this puffy flamestitch from Jana Roberts Benzon boggle your mind? Jana shares lots of examples of her newest laser cut (no lasers, just laser-like focus) and techniques on her site here and here and on Flickr.

This piece looks like a 3-D map and my brain has a hard time sorting out how the construction is possible. When that happens, it’s time to take a class.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    I know, right?!! This new series of Jana’s just keeps getting better and better–the subtle detail of the colors alone is mind-boggling.

    • reply Sandra Trachsel ,

      This is amazing! It riminds me of wave breaking of the turqoise colored Indian Ocean. A stunning technique and 3D effect!

      • reply Rebecca Thickbroom ,

        Your work is always so inspiring, your use of colour, shape and contrast are so unique. I feel so fortunate to have recently attended your workshops with the Dutch PC Guild in Holland – my mind is still buzzing, everyone was so friendly and welcoming…. Your work is beautiful in pictures and even better in real life. xxx

        • reply jana ,

          Cynthia..thank you so much for the feature of my piece (I don’t typically take much time naming a piece/style — that really shows in the lackluster “puffy flamestich”, lol . I’m sure there’s a more appropriate/less lame name!). Anyway, I’m honored at the feature. These pieces are, indeed, a riot to make! Take care, jana

          • reply Janet Roemmel ,

            Thanks for this…another clean geometric and tactile design that pushes the envelope. I love to think about you creating this in your studio back in Salt Lake. Come see us at the London Polymer Clay Group sometime!

            • reply Trusien ,

              I was so lucky to have 2 workshops from Jana when she was in Holland. The tips and tricks, and the way she teaches is so mutch fun. I too am still dazzling and trying to find my way with the techniques she learned us.
              Beautiful pendant, the laser cut technique great!

              • reply suzanne ,

                Jana’s work is awesome, beautiful, and mind boggling!!!

                • reply Sarah ,

                  I saw this piece a few days ago and almost e-mailed you the link. I’m glad to see it featured. It amazes me that there are constantly new techniques being developed with polymer clay. That’s one reason it’s such a fascinating medium. This one also had me puzzled. Very innovative. Great attention to detail.

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