Elena Samsonova takes Leslie Blackford’s lightbulb people and gives the idea a bit of a twist. Elena’s salty creatures are built over small square glass shakers.

Unscrewing their heads and exchanging their bodies could become a game at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

There’s still time to make a personalized version for each of your guests! Elena comes to Greenwich, CT via Moscow. Here’s the rest of her story.

  • reply Jursvi ,

    how cute they are !! 🙂

    • reply Barb Fajardo ,

      OMG, those are really something! and so fun!!

      • reply Wendy Pobanz ,

        So cute and such a fun idea! Love ’em.

        • reply Linda Kropp ,

          These are fabulous! I’m curious, though–is it safe to use them as real salt shakers?

          • reply suzanne ,

            these shakers are just so cool! i have looked at some of Elena’s work
            and it is stunning!
            thanks Cynthia, now i have just got to meet
            another great artist!

            • reply Alice Jenks ,

              What fun!

              • reply Kit Pallesen ,

                What a brilliant idea and a fun game! I’d love to have some of these at my next dinner party 🙂

                • reply Sandra ,

                  Salty polymer looks tasty and colorful.

                  • reply Robbin smith ,

                    i took the survey

                    • reply Karen Brueggemann ,

                      I took the survey

                      • reply Debra Davis ,

                        I took the survey

                        • reply Susan Gantz ,

                          I took the survey. Wish there was a general comments section or a way to indicate that one does not use a specific product.

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