Polymer chips and tubes

Last time we checked in on Elena Samsonova she was playing with salt and pepper. Now she’s into chips…as in this necklace made from 300 thin polymer chips imprinted with French postage stamp transfers.

Let’s applaud her tenacity. Her story (Moscow to Brooklyn, child psychologist to artist) and her website are full of twists and treats.

My late-night cruise through your websites also netted these story beads from Erin Prais-Hintz. She encircles a tube bead with a familiar saying, favorite lyrics, names or dates stamped into polymer.

Erin incorporates these message beads into wistful Simple Truth pendants, endearing wearable reminders. Erin is part of this month’s Storybook project over at the Vintag blog where they’ll be featuring an interview with her and offering giveaways of some of her pendants.

  • reply Erin Prais-Hintz ,

    Oh my goodness! Miss Cynthia! Thank you so much for choosing to include my humble little Story Beads on your blog today. I heard about it from a friend and had to rush right over. I have so enjoyed making these beads especially when I can create them with a special word or phrase of the wearer. I am just tickled that you mentioned me today. Thank you so much!
    Enjoy the day.

    • reply Marlene Brady ,

      Salt and pepper….now chips-love your play on words. Great way to get up in the morning. Elena’s chip necklace is gorgeous. The color bands become “beads” within the composition; just beautiful. Erin’s beads are so meaningful; creating special moments in life. Thanks for the post today.

      • reply Pippa ,

        Such beautiful work! I adore Erin’s story beads, so original and beautiful! Elena’s necklace is amazing!

        • reply siret ,

          I love this blog – always so inspirational! Great finds for today!

          Best wishes!

          • reply sandra ,

            Elena. you have magic on your hands I love you work.

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