Mixed media mosaics

Susan Crocenzi mixes polymer clay elements with her unglazed porcelain, tempered glass, glass and mirror mosaics as in this 8×10″ Architecture Healer (Hundtertwasser).

Artists can match polymer to the color, texture, shape, and thickness of other tesserae without the need of a kiln. Recently Susan’s been teaching mixed media classes that focus on integrating polymer into traditional mosaics.

“Mosaic art offers the sweet possibility that the random, disparate bits-and-pieces of our lives can yield peace, beauty, and meaning,” she explains. Read about Susan’s classes and study her glittering works on her site and her Facebook page.

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  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    I thought that was Sucra88! I have been admiring her breathtaking use of color for years–I am not normally a fan of mosaic, but I’ll make an exception for Susan.

    • reply Alice Stroppel ,

      I’m enchanted. Susan your work is exciting.

      • reply JoJo ,

        I have been wanting to try mosaic work with polymer clay- just not sure I have enough patience
        – you’re work is beautiful, and I will have to visit your site to get info about a class!

        • reply Kayleigh ,

          Oooooooh! I love this! And the rest of her work on her website 😀

          • reply Pati Bannister ,

            A beautiful piece …

            • reply Sandra ,

              Cynthia, the mixed media mosaics is fantastic technique. Thanks you.

              • reply Susan Crocenzi ,

                Thanks so much, Cynthia and everyone! So happy you’ve enjoyed my work!

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