Rather that looking at classic images, this time I searched my family tree for inspiration for a polymer face cane. I never knew my maternal grandmother but I cherished a pin that captured her beauty as a young girl.  I decided to recreate that image in my latest mosaic cane.

The cane, which I built from extruded squares in six sections, measured 5″ x 7″ x  1-1/2″.  Read more about it in the post, Grand mama, what big eyes you have!on my blog.

guest post from Julie Eakes

  • reply Pippa ,

    Amazing, beautiful and totally mind boggling! I cannot even begin to imagine the hours this must have taken. You have recreated her picture so beautifully. Very much looking forward to seeing how the reduction goes.

    Wonderful, wonderful work.

    • reply Bettina ,

      and I have got a slice of it! You do such amazingly beautiful work Julie! Great to have met you in Vegas. I had a wonderful time with you girls!

      • reply E. Roter ,


        • reply Beth Norman ,

          Wow, what beautiful work. Pure talent.

          • reply Marian Hertzog ,

            This is awesome Julie! I read your blog too. What an amazing work of art!

            • reply Anita Brandon ,

              Your grandmother’s image on the pin is beautiful and I think you really captured it in your stunning and and special cane, obviously made with both love and amazing technical skill. I predict that items made from it will because treasured family heirlooms.

              • reply Melinda Hayes ,

                WOW! Such talent. I am speechless.

                • reply Alice Stroppel ,

                  It’s a beautiful reproduction Julie. You have to be an accomplish artist to create such a work of art!

                  • reply Dede Leupold ,

                    Wow…..truly amazing. I get how much work this was. I once did a pattern from a cross stitch, seemed like it took forever. But not nearly as complicated as this!

                    • reply Janet Pitcher ,

                      Amazing! I think that’s about all I can say! This is absolutely beautiful!

                      • reply Beth Loughridge ,

                        Jeeze!! I’m so envoius! I paint (water color and oils) but never been able to come close to mastering portraits — to see the ones you do with “chunks of clay” blow my mind!!!!

                        • reply Janice Sears ,

                          You have a prodigious amount of patience to execute such a cane and it does look like your grandmother! Kudos!

                          • reply Kit Lockwood ,

                            Wow, what an achievement.

                            • reply Janie ,

                              Julie, you are the face cane Goddess! I love all your canes, but this one is not only a master piece, but a very special art treasure from the heart. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

                              • reply Sylvie Peraud ,

                                I am a lucky girl, Julie gave me a slice of this beautiful cane two days ago and it is amazing. Thak you so much Julie you are very talented!!!

                                • reply Julie eakes ,

                                  Thanks Sylvie and Bettina but now I am in trouble with the other instructors. Not all of my slices made it to clay carnival. I chose you two because I didn’t know when we might see each other again. Sorry to the rest of the instructors. I owe you all slices.
                                  Thanks to everyone’s kind words. Grandma and I thank you.

                                • reply Barbara Handy ,

                                  I’m with the WOW people. BIG WOW, absolutely amazing and beautiful.

                                  • reply Jenna Myers ,

                                    holey moley that’s a lot of work, but so worth it! i’m in awe.

                                    • reply Alicia ,

                                      Gorgeous !!!

                                      • reply suzanne ,

                                        your cane is mind boggling! your grandmother was such a pretty girl and you captured it so well!!

                                        • reply Janet Davison ,

                                          Amazing, love all the detail and admire the hours dedicated to that beautiful work. Looking forward to seeing more of your artistic work. Thank you for sharing

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