Ending the year with a bang

Scotland’s Melanie Muir has gotten a jump on the new year with a refreshed web site, new work and a plunge into the world of teaching polymer. This bracelet is entitled Mountain High, Valley Low.

To end the year with a bang, Melanie’s Rocks Cuff (shown on the right) won “Polymerista of the Month” in Voila’s advanced category for December. The craftmanship for entries into this competition keep climbing higher and higher.¬†Follow Melanie on Facebook as well.

Got plans to wrap up your year and head into the new? I’d love to hear about them.

  • reply Melanie Muir ,

    Cynthia, thank you SO much for featuring me and my work in such an attractive and eye catching way. It’s the best Christmas present ever! I am deeply honoured and looking forward to connecting to many other polymer enthusiasts out there through my new teaching role.

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      Melanie’s work is just stunning in its use of color and strong visual impact; the combination of complex patterns and simple shapes makes you just want to sit and admire them all day.

      • reply donna Greenberg ,

        Congratulations to Melanie. She just keeps raising her own bar!

        • reply Sandra ,


          • reply Liz Hall ,

            aww I wish so much she was in the US I’d love to take a lesson! The work is so finished and love her color sense!

            • reply Cate van Alphen ,

              I’ve signed up for Polymer Pamper Play, so I am also desperately excited about Melanie’s new teaching role!

              • reply Seth ,

                One of my favorite ladies of Polymer. Brava!!!!!!

                • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                  Wow, gorgeous! I haven’t seen bracelets with that level of design and polish before! Brava!

                  • reply Dawna Sharp ,

                    Truly remarkable pieces. Refreshing designs and colors. Congratulations for being featured on PCD!

                    • reply jana ,

                      Melanie’s work is always so inspirational to me….each piece she creates is imbued with the highest levels of craftsmanship, superb design and sheer beauty! Love this stuff, Melanie!

                      • reply Wendy Moore ,

                        Melanie’s work is magnificent. It is inspirational as Jana says. Her website conveys her spirit and is beautifully done. It fascinating to read the articles about her work and inspiration…her commitment to do the required juggling and to be creative NOW. We love seeing the outcomes Melanie.

                        • reply Melanie Muir ,

                          Dear friends, I am so overwhelmed and touched by your comments, thank you! It is lovely to know that the results of me “squeezing my brains” (as I call it) have met with your approval. And I will happily plan to come to the US or wherever to teach, just let me know! Big festive hug to you all, Mel.

                          • reply Barbara McGuire ,

                            WOW – double WOW. Melanie’s work is truly inspirational and fresh. It’s a design masterpiece. I am stunned at the technical delivery. That perfection is not easy! I am sure Melanie willl be as successful at teachingas she is at designing. – Barbara

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