You’ll want to look closely at Bettina Welker’s newest faux raku bangles and brooches. The densely crazed surface of her faux technique was achieved after much experimentation.

Her process is a further exploration and refinement of the ideas she developed for a class last summer. This will be a fun one to watch.

Let’s hope your weekend isn’t totally crazed! Bad pun but it fits.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    Beautiful and looks so much like Raku.

    • reply genevieve ,

      This is a cool surface treatment…I love that big bangle on her flickr!

      • reply Sara Amrhein ,

        These bracelets are incredible! Wow! I am blown away, not just by the bracelets but by all of her work. I aspire to be this good someday!

        • reply Bettina ,

          Thank you all so much! Didn’t think that this experiment could have such a big impact.

          Actually it’s just one bangle – just from different angles:)

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