If you’re short on gifts for yourself and you’re in the vicinity of Racine, Wisconsin, consider the one-day class with Debra DeWolff scheduled for February 18. (It’s in the RAM brochure but couldn’t find classes listed on the website yet. You can call to beat the rush.)

Her Charmed with Polymer class looks terribly tempting. Even if you can’t make it to Racine, you can browse through her shop to experience mouthwatering colors and a hint of spring beneath the winter snow.

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  • reply suzanne ,

    these charms help me get over the darkness of winter. they are so delightful!

    • reply Jainnie ,

      Such bright, spring-y colors! Love it!

      • reply Heather ,

        Love this colorful whimsical twist on nature!!

        • reply shabbyness ,

          This is fabulous!!!

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