Navigating the holidays

Navigation and travel are often themes in Tory Hughes work. I was particularly taken with the bright colors and faux pine embellishment on this recent Festive Angel Brooch in her postage stamp series.

And since I’m navigating my way south today Tory’s work seems particularly appropos. Have a festive holiday weekend!

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  • reply Manida ,

    That is so neat! I like the idea of navigation in her work. It would fit right in with this month’s Art Jewelry Magazine challenge, because the theme is compass.

    • reply Priscilla ,

      It’s amazing what an artist can do with simple materials like a postage stamp when she adds a fabulous imagination and great color-sense!

      • reply Carole M ,

        Tory is someone I always have in my radar . I love the scope of her work!!!!
        I recognized her work right away.

        • reply Laura Lang ,

          The color scheme and execution are wonderful. Very nice. I love the postage stamp. Tory Hughes does not disappoint.

          • reply lulubadgley ,

            Her work has always inspired me. I especially love the way she incorporated postage stamps.

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