France’s Dorothy Vantorre photographed her step-by-step work on this polymer bearded collie sculpture making the story both funny and educational.

The piece was commissioned by her best friend as a gift for another person. The dog’s thick coat meshes perfectly with Dorothy’s preferred way of working in layers. You can understand Dorothy’s frustration when you look at her big pile of extruded dog hair pieces.

She captures both the look and the spirit of Joy, the dog. She even made a special show box for the gift. Dorothy has sworn off all future dog commissions saying, “I’ve been very pleased to learn that the person who received this gift was very moved! But I want to clarify that the next person who asks me to make a miniature dog will be immediately banned from my contacts.

Check out Dorothy’s illustrations, cake toppers and sculptures. Her in-progress shots reveal a distinctive style that gravitates to friendly monsters, pink rabbits and hangman earrings. Her biggest trick may be making it all look so easy! Have an easy weekend.

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    Adorable! I love that technique for this project!

    • reply Sheri Williamson ,

      Dorothy really captured the pup’s personality! I know how much work layers little blobs involves, but keeping the white white is what would drive me over the edge (a short drive, admittedly).

      • reply Dorothée ,

        Thank you very much Cynthia for writing about Joy ! I’m so happy to be featured in PCD, it’s such a great honour ! I wish you a very happy 2012, full of love and creativity !

        • reply Sandra ,

          Lovely dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • reply Pati Bannister ,

            What a wonderful dog! I know exactly how Joy feels, however. I once offered a mystery painting on ebay every time i went on a trip/adventure. The buyer’s adventure was not knowing what they would receive, except for size.
            They did well UNTIL a favorite buyer of my work won an auction. Knowing her and knowing her taste, I was INCAPABLE of being spontaneous with her piece. It took several tries and was so frustrating, I never did another “mystery” piece.

            • reply suzanne ,

              i just returned from a trip through Dorothy’s site and found it to be full of sweet and funny things she creates! and Joy is such an adorable dog, i feel a bit sorry that i’m not the recipient… it is so full of love and such an amount of work! incredible!

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