Low profile polymer

Florida’s Karen Woods doesn’t hang out in the usual online haunts like Flickr and Etsy.

It was delightful to spot her on the list of teachers at Creative Journey Studios (formerly Women Creative) in Georgia where she’ll be teaching silk screening on polymer in February. Her graphic shapes fit next to each other like old friends with colorful stories to share.

Karen also teaches her own approach to weaving polymer into baskets and I bumped into one student’s class pix here. You have to work a bit and follow a few links to keep up with Karen but it’s worth the effort.

  • reply Nena ,

    Really amazing bracelet.

    • reply Ellen ,

      Thanks, Cynthia. We are excited to be able to host Karen’s class.

      • reply jan Montarsi ,

        Those pins are beautiful. but the baskets really grab my attention. I’m always look for something other than jewelry to make with clay and this really fits the bill !!!!

        • reply Kit Lockwood ,

          Baskets! Wow! What a great idea! Oooh, just think of the subtle color variations you could play with… Oh, so smart. Thanks for doing the digging to bring that out to us!

          • reply suzanne ,

            wow, these baskets are so gorgeous!! i used to do some basketry and caning chairs, but have never even thought that it’s possible with polymer clay. it’s amazing!

            • reply Dede Leupold ,

              What a delightful find!

              • reply Karen Woods ,

                Cynthia, I came home today to find my Vestment pins on PCD! Thank you so much for the mention of my class as Creative Journey in Atlanta. Teaching silkscreening techniques is one of those areas where each student can take their own direction right away and not be limited to just a mimic of the teacher’s work.
                Also thanks for finding images from one of my students from the Polymer Clay basketweaving class I taught at JC Campbell last summer. I didn’t know they were out there. That group were so great to teach! Karen

                • reply Paula Penabade ,


                  Hey!!! I’m living in Brunswick, GA and am knee deep into art yarn!! had a crazy idea about incorporating it into a simple basket, quite like we did in class long ago. Need supplies…basically round reed for round baskets…or possibly have u make the blanks. Either way I know u r prob way busy…but I thought I would check with u first. Your work is amazing…think of u often. Tell Donna hey!

                • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

                  Nice to see Karen featured on PCD…I can boast to being the proud owner of one her magnificent pens…I won it in the silent auction at Synergy II…I get tons of compliments when I wear it…LOVE LOVE the Baskets…Karen how would you like to come to San Diego to teach at our guild ?…we’re looking for Artists for 2012 & 2013…

                  • reply Karen Woods ,

                    Hi Brenda, I am so glad you like wearing my pin !! I would be thrilled to teach your guild in San Diego! Thank you for the opportunity to be considered. Lets talk, my email is karenwoods@mindspring.com .


                  • reply Deb Raita ,

                    Karen’s silk screen pins are exciting. Thanks for sharing them with us.

                    • reply Charline ,

                      Karen was the first master instructor I had a class with after joining the OAPCG; she taught us how to make very unique silk screen ornaments. She also graced our FGPCG meeting last Saturday (I’m a member there, too) where she taught us her faux ceramics technique. She’s so versatile! She’s a terrific teacher and she’s such fun to talk to – we had a terrific time.

                      • reply Karen Woods ,

                        Thank you Charline! Florida guilds are the Best!

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