These new polymer buttons and barettes based on American crewel needlework patterns are intriguing. The cane work is lovely, the colors and cutout shapes are soothing. She adds texture to simulate fabric.

Do you know who Flickr’s Dixie103 is? Julie is the only name she lists on her “nopeitsnotpainted” page. She doesn’t google well and she’s shy about her personal information. Deb Ross sent the link and had no clues to the artist’s identity.

We end the week enjoying a mystery artist. Have an intriguing weekend.

  • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

    I love these! I’m thinking of my grandmother’s curtains, or an ornate tole painting–is it rosemaling? Something vintage and hip about them at the same time.

    • reply Zuda Gay Pease ,


      • reply Alice Stroppel ,

        Beautiful Julie, told you your work was fabulous. So glad to see her here Cynthia, thank you for sharing.

        • reply chifonie ,

          I love the style too, it reminds me of floral paintings in Northern Europe.

          • reply Lisa Mackin ,

            Wow! Whoever they are – gorgeous defined canes!

            • reply Marlene Brady ,

              Strictly a wild guess…..Pamela Carmen. Her fish sketches and some older work is similar to what is on Flickr, but, again, I don’t really know. Exquisite, stunning work from Dixie103!

              • reply Marlene Brady ,

                Oops. If I’d slow down, I might have picked up on the name “Julie”. Sorry about that.

              • reply Dede Leupold ,

                These are wonderful and inspiring! What a nice discovery!

                • reply Peg Harper ,

                  OH Oh my! Whoever she is, we need to get her out of her “clay closet”!

                  • reply suzanne ,

                    thank you Deb and Cynthia for introducing us to this wonderful artist! her flickr uploads are just awesome and breathtaking!

                    • reply Nope, it's Not Painted ,

                      Hello, Cynthia Tinnaple,

                      Your site is my favorite site of all time. It’s usually the first place I go in the morning with a cup of coffee in one hand. Today, though, I’ve been working at the bench all day and didn’t get a chance to log on until just a few moments ago. I was overwhelmed to see my feature! Thank you for noticing me!

                      Some of the photos are spectacular because they are professional shots that I art direct and own the rights to. Other pictures are snapshots from my own little camera. The ones featured today are snapshots from my own little camera.

                      You’re right – I’m very shy about coming out of the “clay closet.” (Cute comment from a reader!) I’m very private and want to step very slowly and gingerly into the outside world. I earn my living doing art fairs and am happy with that for now. I hope I can stay “anonymous” for just a little longer?? Cyber world is a big space and I’m a little afraid of committing a blunder of ettiquette….

                      I am thrilled at the attention your nod has brought me. Thank you so much! Am I allowed to photograph the screen and make a poster for my booth?

                      Dixie103 – “Nope, it’s not painted.”

                      • reply Debi Scott ,

                        hope you will let us all know where you will be showing and selling your work!

                        • reply melanie ,

                          Hi Julie!
                          Your work is amazing! I was googling you too, and came across the Who is Dixie103 post.. I am so glad you answered it! Even if we still don’t know who you are. Do you sell your work online anywhere? It really is amazing.

                        • reply ladee ,

                          This is some truly amazing work… love the colors…. hope we see more of her work… beautiful, just beautiful..

                          • reply Heather Campbell ,

                            Absolutely gorgeous!!! Really ….just breathtaking!!

                            • reply cindy coven ,

                              Dixie is obviously amazing. I wish she would post how to’s w/her things.

                              • reply Deborah M. ,

                                Stunning, creative work!

                                • reply Kay Olson ,

                                  These look like tole paintings, Dixie 103 has a lot of talent.

                                  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                                    Wow. Have no idea how long this artist has been working in polymer, but what she has on display suggests that like Athena, she sprang full grown fron the forehead of Zeus….

                                    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                                      Wow. Have no idea how long this artist has been working in polymer, but what she has on display suggests that like Athena, she sprang full grown from the forehead of Zeus….

                                      • reply lisa k ,

                                        Oh, Dixie 103, please reveal yourself immediately. We all adore you and will positively die if we are unable to see your work in person. Of course, the possibility exists that we could deplete your inventory for art shows because everything you create is exquisite and we would buy it all. I, for one, will not be able to sleep until I know who and where you are along with the cost of an airline ticket in order to attend your next show. I’m in Atlanta. How long a flight might it be to your next art show? What if DaVinci had never wanted his work to be introduced to the world? The time has come for you to step out of that clay room closet and allow the world to revel in your amazing talents. PLEASE!!!!!

                                        • reply Carmen ,

                                          Dixie, Your work is amazing. Thank you for sharing your work on flickr. I understand and respect your right to privacy. Keep doing your beautiful work and sending it out into the universe in the way that you are comfortable with! We artists travel on our creative paths in different ways. We are certainly an eclectic bunch 🙂 Our “journeys” can be unique. For me the important part is to keep fanning my creative flames so my journey continues. Glad to have met you along the way. 🙂

                                          • reply Liz ,

                                            This is some of the most stunning canework I have ever seen; what a wonderful and talented artist. How lucky are the patrons of Dixie’s art fairs who have the opportunity to purchase these beautiful items to have for themselves! Keep creating Dixie, your work is beautiful.

                                            • reply Meisha ,

                                              The Caning, the color, the design….it’s the whole package, so beautifully executed. Really quite amazing. Look forward to seeing more of Dixie 103 (Julie’s) work.

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