The lovely curves of Jana Lehmann’s newest polymer pens are offset by crisp, quirky designs layered over sensuous Skinner blends.

Those shapely pen bases must only be available in Germany. They would certainly have been snapped up by polymer enthusiasts if they were available in the U.S. Does anyone have a source? 

Even Jana’s Easter eggs show off her graphic sensibility. She has a whole gallery just for pens and polymer objects on Flickr. Jana sets a high bar for design.

  • reply Susanne ,

    You got mail, Cynthia 😉

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      What fun, unique and playful pens. The eggs are also stunning.

      • reply Sylvia ,

        I’d leave a comment, but I’m drooling too hard . . .

        • reply Mags Bonham ,

          these are very fun and I would love to know the source for the pen blanks too.

        • reply Sherry Bailey ,

          Are you sure the BLANKS are contoured, and not just the way the clay is added? Maybe she makes a shaped base on a standard stick pen then covers it?

          • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

            They are shaped wooden pens. I have some leads on a source. Still investigating.

          • reply Selma ,

            For me, Jana is the best! Unique! 😀

            • reply Barbara Briggs ,

              These sculptural pens just beg to be used…they look very comfortable to hold. Nice work!

              • reply suzanne ,

                as usual, Jana does it again! these colors are shooing away the winter blues!!

                • reply Anita ,

                  The color combinations are stunning!!!!

                  • reply Debbie Mann ,

                    I love Jana Lehmann’s Pens – Doesn’t she sale them….if so….Where??? Would love to own a few…

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