Serendipitous polymer

The polymer scrap from a guild challenge provided San Antonio’s Deb Tuchsen with a rainbow of leftovers. She stacked and spiraled them into a Kato-style cane. The end bits were layered into a Stroppel-inspired log.

The synergy of the techniques and colors added up to a Van Gogh-meets-Hundertwasser cuff! This art history lesson comes to you courtesy of equal parts serendipity, sharing and skill. Congrats to Deb for bringing it all together.

I don’t know if her entry was successful in the guild challenge but this is certainly a winner. Watch the whole process on her Flickr site.

  • reply Selma ,

    Very interesting, colorful, the bracelet is expressionistic 🙂

    • reply Janice Sears ,

      What a beautiful bracelet! I knew that cane had a bright future!

      • reply Deb Hart ,

        Wow, just wow! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning! My birthday was yesterday and I have to say this is the best birthday gift EVER! And yes, I’m recently remarried so my name has changed – just gotta start updating everything now, too! Thank you, Cynthia!!

        • reply Alice Stroppel ,

          I’m delight to see Deb’s bracelet here, it’s fabulous. You know I love it Deb. Thanks Cynthia.

          • reply jana ,

            very cool, Deb…kudos for your ingenuity!

            • reply suzanne ,

              such a beautiful bracelet! and very “Van Gogh”!

              • reply Pam ,

                It does look somewhat Van Gogh, but VERY Stroppel !!!!! Love it

                • reply Pippa ,

                  Wow That is an amazing work of art! Vibrant and alivThaith colour. So lovely to see Deb’s work on PCD.

                  • reply Pippa ,

                    Sorry, that would be alive with colour!

                    • reply Pati Bannister ,

                      Brilliant, Deb !

                      • reply Deb Hart ,

                        It’s so wonderful to come home from work to all these wonderful comments. =) The polymer community has been such a blessing to me! *hugs*

                        • reply Sarah Pennington of Hip Earth Designs ,

                          This cuff is absolutely gorgeous. The mix of colors is so inspiring! it makes me anxious to do something with my countless collection of tiny scrap clay balls.

                          • reply Susan O'Neill ,

                            Deb is so clever and innovative! I’m glad to see her recognized 🙂

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