Thinking inside the box

Odd Fae

Sometimes it’s good think inside the box as in Dawn Schiller’s latest polymer OddFae tucked in a 1″ locket. Guru in a box? Consultant in a box?

Dawn cautions, “For the record β€” If anyone EVER hears me say, Gosh, I’m bored! I think I’ll sculpt a little, tiny, less-than-an-inch-tall oddfae into a copper box! Feel free to whop me upside the head ’til I drop the sculpting tool.”

Check out more of her work in the June issue of PolymerCafe magazine. Her Faemaker book is due out this August. Read about her latest exploits on FaceBook and Etsy.

  • reply jan montarsi ,

    We all need a whop once in a while. I’m Glad you finished the Fae before someone got to you !! Can’t wait for the book !!

    • reply Selma ,

      Absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait for the book ! πŸ˜€

      • reply suzanne ,

        Dawn is just so fantastic!!! me too, i can’t wait for her book!!

        • reply D ,

          Thanx everyone!

          • reply sandra ,

            Cynthia thank you for show us what we can do with polymer clay. the thinking inside the box
            is beautiful and real make me think that I have to think before I do anything.

            • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

              Dawn’s work for me is the slightly darker side of Doreen’s–she illustrates the hidden fairy tales, the creatures peering through the holes in the walls of grandmother’s house–I can’t help but think they are benevolent, though. I Like ’em!

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