Platypus beads

These platypus beads from Lena Fadeeva in Belarus take their shape from the small Australian animal with a distinctive bill.

Such an intriguing shape! Inspiration for new bead shapes can come from unlikely sources.

Lena’s blog is in Russian so you may want to try your own translation (and correct me if I’ve blundered). She’s been sharing her work on Flickr and in her sales gallery for a couple of months and this new direction looks very promising.

  • reply Judy ,

    LOVE these beads. You are right Cynthia, such a great shape!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Beautiful work! Clean, simple lines, well finished! A tour through her web sites is a wonderful kick-start to the week. Brava, Lena! And… Thanks, Cynthia!

      • reply Julie Picarello ,

        Unique shape + intriguing surface design = totally captivating art bead
        Kudos, Lena!

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          They look like a unique and special bead treasure from an Australian archaeological dig.

          • reply Meisha ,

            Wonderful surface design and texture!!!

            • reply Loretta ,

              love this!!! Shape, texture, tones. Beautiful work.

              • reply Lena Fadeeva ,

                Thank you very much for your kind words! It is very important to me. Thank you, Cynthia!

                • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

                  I am so glad you featured Lena’s work. I came across it recently and was so impressed by the immaculately finished pieces. Her latest beads are very impressive. Thanks to Google translate we can enjoy her blog too. Fabulous work!!! I am looking forward to more.

                  • reply Carol Shelton ,

                    These beads, as well as the rest of the work of Lena Fadeeva, are beautiful. So why would anyone find even the most remote connection to the duck-billed platypus? I looked at hundreds of pictures of the singular species called platypus and the shape is totally different. Check out her Ms Fadeeva’s website. It’s full of creativity and exceedingly high quality.

                    • reply Sera ,

                      Whilst these beads are certainly lovely – I can’t see the connection to the platypus. Either its bill, or body. Or am I missing something….?

                      • reply Lena Fadeeva ,

                        If you look at the beads of the hole, it resembles a duck’s nose 🙂 So to me it’s just a name 🙂

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