When PCD first featured Eva Soehjar back in 2008, she mostly painted on polymer. Now she applies minuscule pieces of polymer to create illustrations on the surface of her pendants.

Soehjar - One Fine Day

She tells stories, like this Red Riding Hood, by applying small clay shapes with a sharp needle onto solid colored clay bases.

“I want to make people happy when they see my jewelry,” she says. It’s hard not to smile when you look at her delicate appliqued illustrations and her softly colored florals. Visit her work on Etsy and Flickr and have a happy weekend.

  • reply Anita Brandon ,

    What intricate, amazing, and HAPPY pieces.

    • reply Ronna ,

      What a treat! Her Etsy shop is a must-see. I was particularly won over by her pendant “The Reader.” But it’s all fabulous.

      • reply Lynda Moseley ,

        I discovered Eva’s work in a recent Etsy treasury and spent a good hour browsing through her shop, drooling over every piece. I was thoroughly enchanted and am saving my pennies to purchase two, although I suppose they won’t be around long now!

        • reply Selma ,

          Wonderful! I don’t know why but her works reminds me of the story of the ” Little prince”. Her works make me happy!!! 😀

          • reply jan montarsi ,

            What facinating detail !!!

            • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

              Such lovely, sweetly charming work! Love her style.

              • reply suzanne ,

                Eva’s work is amazing and breathtaking! it is so delicate and full of love and patience!

                • reply maerys ,

                  absolument fan , c’est plein de douceur

                  • reply Milena Babic ,

                    This is so delicate and charming! Adorable!

                    • reply Tinnette Hemmons ,

                      Her work is FABULOUS. I love her work even more now that it is all polymer clay!

                      • reply isa07 ,

                        Sublime travail !!!

                        • reply Eva Thissen ,

                          Hello everyone! It is so gratifying to read such encourgaing comments you have left, thank you so very much! Cynthia, I would like to thank you, too, your support means so much to me! P.S: To answer few questions about my name; ‘Soehjar’ is my maiden name 🙂

                          • reply Dorothée ,

                            Thank you for sharing her wonderful work. I’m in love !

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