Polymer shell game

Steven Ford solicits your opinion on the findings on this new Shells necklace. Silver or blackened silver for the chain and clasp? Silver or gold-leafed centers for the shells? Version 1 or 2? Steve contends that the white silver looks “unconsidered” while Dave likes the slinky polished white silver. How do you weigh in? (Leave a comment on their blog.)

Steve explains that, “In a way, this new work is getting back to our roots with caning polymer clay. There is an added layer of my recent interest in printmaking too, as the clay is embossed with a linoleum cut plate. It’s also painted to bring out the texture of the surface, and to complicate the color within the clay itself.” Read the full story here.

This shell design sat around in the studio for a couple of years before the artists could decide how to use it. Do you have designs marinating in your studio?

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    I’d wear that — if somebody bought it for me! (Ah, to be in the Big League!)

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Both are lovely and I was surprised from the responses at their blog, so far, that we all seem to have one particular preference. It was enjoyable to see the two gorgeous pieces side by side and read the comments.

      • reply Selma ,

        Eye candy! Absolutely great work!!!

        • reply Steve Ford ,

          The silver is a much bigger part than just the chain ends and clasps. What’s difficult to see in the photos are the larger cupped silver discs on the back side of the clay “shell”. You glimpse more of them when it’s worn and moving. I thought it was more mechanical than particular, so I didn’t mind if all of that disappeared with the oxidation. We’ve sometimes used oxidation as a default/crutch–it works every time! So part of the challenge to work with the silver and to integrate it’s presence more equally, as we have with our pins.

          • reply DavidO ,

            I couldn’t get the links to the blog . . but . . I’d go for the blackened silver clasp and, for the flowers, what about silver with a small gold centre?

          • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

            Oh, wow! These are stunning. I can’t take my eyes of them.

            • reply Terry ,

              Blackened silver for the chain/clasps – has a more organic feel. Not a fan of gold as “color” but the silver centers look too “shiny new”

              • reply Carolyn Good ,

                What a gorgeous necklace as all of their work.

                I have a lot of clay pieces I have made over time with an idea in mind but when I go to put it together I find there is just something missing such as some clay spacers to match, etc. so it goes into a “drawer” and organized for “finishing touches”. Seeing this post makes me think I need to get at that pile and finish a few of them off! lol!

                • reply Conny ,

                  Thank you, Cynthia, for sharing this. It’s really enriching to follow all these gifted clayers discussing the design of this necklace!

                  • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

                    It is nice to know that even the most celebrated artists finish a piece and have questions about the findings and finishing!

                    • reply sandra ,

                      Fantastic work I wish I could make that can the wearable art.

                      • reply Arlene Schiek ,

                        Have to say that i prefer the gold with these particular shells. Warm to warm. Would love to see the silver against cooler tones; blues, greens, teals.
                        Had I not known these were Ford Forlano and incorporated chunks of gold and silver I would have thought they were Tabakman. Amazing how separate marinations can turn out in a manneristic way.

                        • reply Sera ,

                          Definitely black.

                          • reply Sylvie Peraud ,

                            If I may add my opinion, I would only use silver. Blackened silver for the chain and clasp because it looks better with the textured flowers, but I would also use blackened silver for the flower centers. Gold color is not what I like best and silver shines too much on these beautiful flowers… But this is only my opinion. Wonderful work!

                            • reply Linda Britt ,

                              Beautiful Work.

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