Wallace stacker beads

“Stacker beads,” Amy Wallace admits, “are something I could make until the sun blows up.” This Cincinnati artist has been working on spirals since 1995 and offers a how-to tutorial on her Etsy shop. This necklace is one of her bright variations.

“For me, polymer clay isn’t about making the most complicated cane, it’s about creating inventive, spontaneous designs with hints of the past thrown in. Color is my second language,” she says.

Amy mixes seed beeds, fiber, paper, buttons into her art arsenal. Her blog is a good read with a free tutorial tucked in from time to time. Be sure to check out her polymer and seed bead embroidery and her freeform chevron beads on her Facebook page too.

  • reply Jan Montarsi ,

    About 5 or 6 years ago, before i knew what polymer clay was, I found some of Amy’s stacker beads locally here in Cincinnati, I was just amazed at how they were made and of what they were made from. Thanks for sparking my interest to what has now become my passion!!

    • reply Amy Wallace ,

      Jan, thank you so much for this note. This is better than a pot of coffee!


      • reply Jan Montarsi ,

        Your welcome Amy!
        One of these days we’ll bump into each other somewhere in town and I can thank you in person.

    • reply sandra ,

      Amy you work your work is amazed and happy finish because you use happy colors.

      • reply Marlene Brady ,

        I wish color was my second language!! Love Amy’s work. Always interesting and inspiring.

        • reply Meisha ,

          What a fun way to explore color!!!

          • reply Christine Nicholls ,

            Very pretty!

            • reply Selma ,

              Wow, so colorful and positively! This necklace made my day happier!!! 😀

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