Extruding with a twist

Brockstedt earrings

Germany’s Cornelia Brockstedt shows us another extrusion trick with these string earrings.

Thin spaghetti-size strands of polymer have been gathered at the top and bottom and formed into a pod shape. Hand-formed wire bead caps join the pod to the findings.

Cornelia’s Flickr pages are full of experiments and research. She has a background as a goldsmith and graphic designer.

Cornelia’s built an impressive repertoire of textures and shapes, submitting one each week for the guild’s Club 52 project.

Are you ready to try extruding?

  • reply Helen Breil ,

    What a great collection of interesting textures! Wonderful and beautifully executed work Cornelia!

    • reply Jeanne Rhea ,

      Lovely and different work. Nice to see the source of so much of the inspiration of the pieces. Her original sculptural pieces for the texture and shapes submissions are my favorite!

      • reply Jan Montarsi ,

        “Way” Cool !!!

        • reply Cody Craynor ,

          Cornelia’s structure studies on her Flickr page strike me as very innovative! They send my brain in all kinds of creative directions. I really admire that kind of clean, crisp optical work. Go Cornelia! I’d like to see where you take those ideas!

          • reply Conny ,

            What a great surprise, Cynthia! Reading your blog as my lunchtime break, today you made my heart jump! Thank you so much for this feature. It really means a lot to me! And thanks to you four, Helen, Jeanne, Jan and Cody for your kind comments, they make me feel honored and proud …

            • reply Selma ,

              Still I admire everything that I saw on other sites, until now one of the best I’ve seen!!! So wonderful, purely, I still admire…

              • reply Barbara ,

                Very clean designs….love the style!

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