The faux ivory beads, buttons and pendants from Selena Anne Wells could have been carefully unearthed from an archaelogical dig but they’re polymer and were dug out of her Berkeley, California studio.

Selena’s beads have a cyber-tribal resonance and a Mad Max appeal achieved with just a few cutters and basic shaping tools. Some are set with cabochons.

She’s posted a whole batch of faux ceramic and metal buttons with the same ancient feel on her Flickr site. Poke a bit of clay to see what treasures emerge from your studio this weekend.

  • reply sandra ,

    Love the faces they look like were carving over marble.

    • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

      If I had worked really hard on a one-of-kind knitted sweater with exotic silk yarns and a funky, free-form pattern, I would LOVE a button like this!

      • reply Anita Brandon ,

        These faux ivories truly are “unburied” treasures and little works of art with the antiquing is so delicately applied.

        • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

          I absolutely adore Selena Anne’s work–now must expand my collection! Thanks for the heads up.

          • reply Deborah Ross ,

            I’m a big fan of Selena’s work…..especially her faces, so serene and individual.

            • reply Selma ,

              Absolutely wonderful!!!

              • reply Karina ,

                Love the Faces and Faux Ivory ^__^

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