Shrines in polymer

Mika mosaic

Some of you have been asking what happened to PCDaily coverage of sculpture, dolls, miniatures and other non-jewelry art. It’s time you had a turn! Let’s start with Laurie Mika for the first entry in an entire week of 3D.

Laurie continues to raise the bar on color with her latest works. Her inks, foils, paints, and powders layered over stamped and textured polymer achieve amazingly luminous results. Look at some closeups here and here.

Laurie mixes her media, integrating recycled bling and found icons into her assemblages. A few choice words make each piece a jewel-like shrine.

  • reply Kristie Foss ,

    It’s wonderful to see how Laurie’s work is evolving. I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with her, and found her imagination and creativity a real inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    • reply maureen carlson ,

      One of the things that I love about Laurie’s work is that she bridges the worlds between different schools of art and being … taking polymer clay to the mosaic and personal discovery artists. She’s a connector and a goodwill agent. Bravo!

      • reply Susan C. ,

        Great way to start the week!
        I’ve been a long-time admirer of Laurie’s work, and have been fortunate to take a class with her; an outstanding experience.

        • reply Peg Harper ,

          Laurie is a fabulous teacher. I’ve been in two of her classes now and can’t wait for the next opportunity. She’s generous, energetic and exudes encouragement. Even if you aren’t a mosaic artist, don’t miss the chance to learn from her. I’m basically a bead maker / jewelry artist but it’s so liberating to know that I can turn to creating tiles and textures and playing with all those fun colors and foils, powders and paints, stamps and textures and create something on a larger scale for a pleasant change from production.

          • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

            Hey, I adore her AND her incredible work. Thanks for posting.

            • reply Nelda ,

              Laurie’s work is wonderful to see in person. The details and coloring are just amazing when viewed up close. I especially like how she embeds jewelery, beads, images, mica and other unique items into her work.

              • reply Laurie Mika ,

                Thanks Cynthia for posting my work and to all of the nice comments from my artist buddies! A nice way to start my week! 😉

                • reply sandra ,

                  Laurie’s work is fantastic with all her colors and ideas she showed how to create beautiful art with polymer clay.

                  • reply Sue Whelan ,

                    I’m another Mika fan. So nice to see her work highlighted here. If she ever comes to Toronto, I’ll be there!

                    • reply DawnGaye ,

                      I’ve been creating in polymer for 15 years, and Laurie’s book and art has had a great effect on my work in more recent years. Thank you for featuring her “art for art’s sake”. She is truly a pioneer with our beloved medium, polymer clay, as fine visual art.

                      • reply Sarah Pennington ,

                        Sounds like this is a good week for anxiously and frequently checking my inbox! Looking forward to seeing what other types of 3D poly clay creations you have to share. 😀

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