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Sure, Percy Lau’s extra ear earrings are a little creepy. But they’re funny too and her contemporary jewelry includes twists on glasses and chocolate and other body parts, mostly in polymer. The ears are a hit on Etsy.

Chocolate Feast

This Chocolate Feast tickled me too! In one ear, out the other. Don’t miss the headband. Have a fanciful weekend.

  • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

    Fabulous! Wonderful!!!! My jaw is hurting from grinning. What a wonderful start to my day. Thank you, Cynthia. Thank you, Percy.

    • reply Nadelhexen ,

      • reply sandra ,

        Different art our imagination do not have limit to do any thing .

        • reply doreen kassel ,

          these are great! love the headband!

          • reply Priscilla ,

            Saw the 3rd ears on pinterest and emailed to my daughter whose response echoes yours, “Cool but kinda creepy.” I’m amazed at the creativity & sense of humor in the polymer community.

            • reply Melanie West ,

              Brilliant, simply brilliant! And a bit creepy… in a good way… sort of. Reminds me of Margaux Lange’s Barbie Doll jewelry…

              • reply Selma ,

                Hehehehehe… funny ear, everything is so unique and wonderful!!! 😀

                • reply carissa ,

                  What a wonderful and unique take on Polymer. And funny too! Great stuff.

                  • reply Pothmann ,

                    Wo kann ich den In one ear ohrring bestellen ?
                    Gilbert Pothmann

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