Tucked in among the oxidized silver, bronze and copper chains, pendants and earrings in Greg and BJ Jordan’s booth at the local art fair, a blast of color jumped out at me. Paydirt! New polymer!

BJ and Greg are from Fort Wayne, Indiana and have been metalworkers for 30 years. BJ creates the polymer sheets and inlays the fired patterns into the bezels.

Jordan mosaic pendant

Her bold colors and graphic patterns compliment their strong primitive metal designs.

I had to have a pair for my collection (business expense, right?) and you can find them online at Etsy here. For their most current activity, check their Facebook page.

  • reply Liz Hall ,

    ooooo – I love these! I want the 4th one down on the left!

    • reply BJ Jordan ,

      I still have these and the matching pendant. The earrings are $175 and the pendant is $130 which includes your choice of chain. Let me know if you really do want them and I will post to my Etsy Shop. Act fast as we have many MANY art fairs scheduled and they are out for sale in our case every weekend!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Sweet! Very strong voice, wonderful shape and color play!

      Oh how I wish I had a husband who worked in metal. *sigh* (Ok, ok… My man is pretty cool… but I can dream, can’t I?)

      • reply BJ Jordan ,

        You can learn to do the metal work!

        • reply Melanie West ,

          Hi BJ,
          Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve taken a few classes over the years, but I spend way too much time working my polymer to add time for metal working. What I dream of is someone who could take my designs and fabricate them for me, so I can just play with the polymer bit. lol I know of several gals who have husbands who fabricate forms for their creative wives *coughcynthiaforexamplecough*, which is pretty sweet, all around. But I would be happy with a gig like Ford and Forlano have… just haven’t found the right person yet.

          Keep up the great work BJ!

      • reply Selma ,

        I love colors! I enjoy looking this fantastic pieces of polymer clay! 🙂

        • reply BJ Jordan ,

          Thanks Selma!

        • reply Meisha ,

          Very NIce! As Melanie says…Very strong Voice. Simple, graphic, with compelling color. The Columbus Art Festival???? I’d love to go to the Columbus Art Festival some day.

          • reply kristy Jo ,

            If you are in the columbus OH area, check them out in Upper Arlington at Labor Day Arts Fest (on Labor Day).

            • reply BJ Jordan ,

              Thank you Meisha! Are you a polymer artist?

              • reply Meisha ,

                Yes, I’ve been claying seriously for the last 8 years.

            • reply Kayleigh ,

              Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

              • reply BJ Jordan ,

                Thank you so much!

              • reply BJ Jordan ,

                Very Nice to meet you this past weekend. Thanks for including me on your website! My Etsy Shop has never seen this much traffic! It’s getting crowded in here! 🙂

                • reply Sandra ,

                  The colors are fabulous also the metal body make look the clay more rich.

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