Twenty-one clay gun salute

Get out your polymer clay extruder (our warm weather will make extruding easier). Germany’s Bettina Welker has generously uploaded the instructions for her Pixelated Retro Blend Cane.

Bettina’s come up with an easy and clever method. I look forward to seeing your versions.

  • reply Selma ,

    Wonderful! I love the colors!

    • reply Crazy Retro! | KiKiLime Designs Blog ,

      […] how I roll!  If you’d like to see the tutorial again, please go to Polymer Clay Daily , where I found […]

      • reply Deborah ,

        Great technique! Imagining all the possibilities….. so nice of Bettina Welker to share!

        • reply Viral polymer extrusions | Polymer Clay Daily ,

          […] Cynthia Tinapple on July 13, 2012 Bettina Welker’s clever extruded cane that was featured last week has gone viral already. Some of the most imaginative versions of Bettina’s tutorial showed up […]

          • reply The Polymer Arts Blog » To Vary One’s Style or Not … ,

            […] with a peak into her studio. You may have seen her very nice Pixelated Retro Blend Cane bracelet on Polymer Clay Daily. She recently completed a tutorial on her intriguing Jellyfish earrings that you can find on […]

            • reply TonkArt Studio ,

              I really like this one! Great!

              • reply The Polymer Arts Blog » Retro Blend Gone Wild ,

                […] blend cane and all the creative work that has come out of it. It really took off after Cynthia posted Bettina’s work and the link to her free tutorial on Polymer Clay […]

                • reply #38 Welkering on ,

                  […] with the talented Bettina Welker of Germany.  She was featured by Cynthia Tinapple a while back on PCD and created a flurry of excitement with her Retro Pixelated Cane – the result of her mathematical […]

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