This worktable full of polymer pin variations makes fabulous Friday eye-candy. You can get lost in the textures and colors tucked into the layers of these Ford/Forlano O’Keeffe brooches.

These variations came from a technique the duo developed for their Shell series. “We like the jumpy colors and textures,” says Steve. You can see the pins mounted in their bezels on their Facebook page.

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  • reply Loretta ,

    The new texture is so lively that you can see the need to bump up the color. It does make for some very happy pieces. Good work, as usual, guys!

    • reply Trina Williams ,

      It is nice to see them back in the polymer vein. They had veered out into metals for awhile there.

      • reply Selma ,

        Absolutely wonderful! I really love it! 😀

        • reply Sandra ,

          Amazing! colors and nice shapes.

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