Restful polymer colors

These polymer beads from Russia’s Victoria Mkhitarian calm me down on a busy day. And they look mighty pretty with the PCD site colors, don’t they?

Sometimes when you’re tired and fresh out of brain cells, it’s good to go with your gut. Find something pretty and just say, “Ahhh.” Take a break and browse through Victoria’s interesting shapes and clever combinations.

  • reply TonkArt studio ,

    WOOOSSS what a great work. So precise and what beautiful colors!

    • reply Sandra D. ,

      cool design the colors are great and her collection is fantastic.

      • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

        Wow…her work is stunning! Such unique shapes and forms and color patterns. Really nice work. Very unique. Thanks, Cynthia, for showing us this artist. We all can learn from Victoria’s wonderful style.

        • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

          Cynthia, I love these…. great pic.

          • reply Elaine Langsner ,

            The beads are beautiful, but as a bracelet that has beads from large to small the large bead will hand on the bottom and the clasp will be on the top. You have to make the area around the clasp with something heavier unless you want the clasp on the top.

            • reply Lanette Holland ,

              Yes, very restfull — and interesting too. I really like her color selection. The two gold spirals on squares are a great design element.

              • reply Dolly Madison Designs ,

                Oh, lovely. They are so calm and thoughtful! And the gold adds that perfect touch of class. 😀 If I were a ‘chunky jewelery’ person, I’d definitely wear this!


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