Polymer seasons ahead

Heather Powers shows us how handy the falling leaves can be. “I used translucent clay and stained the polymer with color so they glow in warm fall hues when held up to the light,” she says of her newest collection.

Check out the similar headpins she made as well as her other nature-inspired designs.

If it’s almost fall, you know that the holiday season can’t be far behind. The ladies of the Samunnat project have already created polymer creche scenes dressed in Nepali finery. Wendy Moore will temporarily abandon her post as shipper for the Samunnat Etsy site and head for Nepal soon. So start your shopping now! And have a festive weekend.

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    I first discovered Heather Powers’ work through her book illustration blog. I fell in love with her soft colors and her charming animal drawings. They were always appealing and lovely, and her polymer work reflects her same aesthetic. A talented artist on so many levels! Thanks for sharing her latest, I’m going to her blog right now to see what she’s up to!

    • reply Luann Udell ,

      Oops, forgot, I also am the proud owner of a small collection of her polymer beads!

      • reply Luann Udell ,

        • reply Sandra D. ,

          Yes she does cool designs on polymer. i will buy her book.

          • reply Ginger Davis Allman ,

            I saw that she posted these yesterday. I think they’re fresh and exciting, perfect for the upcoming fall season. I’ve been a huge fan of Heather’s for many years and have enjoyed watching her style evolve. Few can do natural colors and nature themes in polymer better than Heather.

            • reply Patrick ,

              Fall is my favorite season, so I was really attracted to this piece.

              • reply nasreen ,

                Hi Heather,
                just came across your lovey clay fallien leaves! i thought ill try also but i could not understand how you stained the clay. ill be grateful if you could plz help me with this as im quite new to this art!

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