Malinow woodland charms

Kindred spirits Wendy Wallin Malinow and Leslie Blackford will team up to teach a polymer class at this year’s Clay Carnival Las Vegas in October (not sure if there are any spaces left).

Wendy’s polymer antlers, bones, eggs and acorns will meet up with Leslie’s birds, snakes, sticks and stones. This “Garden of Earthly Delights” workshop will introduce students to an incomparable variety of woodland charms from two charming artists.

Wendy’s Tumblr site chronicles her own “bone a day” progress. Her mixed media Woodland Goth Choker is jaw-dropping. And Leslie’s Carneys and Freaks will melt your heart. What in your autumn environment speaks to you this Monday?

  • reply Waikato belle ,

    Ohhh, Love the poison bracelet on her website tooo and the reverse bone necklace!!!

    • reply Luann Udell ,

      I’ve been a fan of Moodywoods for years. I LOVE her jade bears, and keep hoping one needs a home someday. Thanks for alerting me to her new work!

      • reply Dolly Madison Designs ,

        *Squeals* Oh my! How beautifully adorable, the nest and all its occupants. 😀 Perfectly precious. I’m not much into decorations like that, but I would definitely put something like that on a bookshelf or something. Especially if I knew how to make the things myself! Shucks, who knew there were so many things to do with clay. 😀

        • reply jan montarai ,

          Would love to be there to take the class!!!
          See you soon Leslie.

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