Scream of consciousness polymer

Wendy Malinow’s grinning polymer shaker is filled with steel shot which makes it fit for a serious percussionist. But her musician husband is frightened by the menacing 12 1/2″ tall multi-eyed root. The real teeth embedded in pink polymer gums add to the scariness of this piece that both attracts and repulses.

Her root has been accepted into this year’s 38th Toys Designed by Artists exhibition November 21 to January 6 at the Arkansas Art Center. Here’s Wendy’s official site.

In Las Vegas where Wendy taught last week, the shaker looked at home among the skulls and bones strewn across her work surface. The students made more benign eggs, bones and mushroom charms. Wendy’s quirky woodland vision merged perfectly with Leslie Blackford’s dark and deviant characters from the farm and circus. Check out this snake!

Their “scream of consciousness” approach to polymer art made students stretch their skills and search their souls. It was all in good fun and perfectly timed for Halloween.

  • reply Kathy R. ,

    There is no mistaking Wendy’s work, is there? She has such an interesting insight into the world around her that I would love to be a “fly on the wall” of her brain! I am so drawn to her stuff that it makes me wonder about MY sanity!

    • reply Kathi ,

      seeing that shaker up close and personal was awesome. I swear there was something new in each turn of the vegetable! it was great finally meeting YOU too, Cynthia

      • reply rmkdesign ,

        What a delight Wendy is—such a quietly wicked sense of humor. She carried this piece around in her pocket like her pet familiar; and given the magic she works with polymer, entirely appropriate.

        • reply Meisha ,

          Weird and Wonderful. This damned mutant vegetable kept looking at me, and though I found it somewhat repulsive, I couldn’t stop picking it up. Wendy is a delight.

          • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

            What incredible vision! I am so awestruck by all the magically intense details in Wendy’s work. Wow!

            • reply Dawn Stubitsch ,

              Wonderfully creepy! what a wonderful imagination. I was going to make vegetable soup tonight. Not sure I will now. What if one of them blinks?

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