The power of black

Small dots of color pop against the black spirals on this hollow bead from Janine Muller. We forget about the power of black until we see an eye-catching treatment like Janine’s

There’s no indication as to how she made it hollow. Wouldn’t you like to know? Maybe she’ll tell us. Or wander through her site and watch her experiment.

Have a splendid weekend.

  • reply Barb Lessen ,

    Great Inspiration!!!

    • reply Kit Lockwood ,

      Wow. That gives me all kinds of ideas.

      • reply suzanne ,

        way to go Janine! congratulations!!!

        thanks for sharing this really cool Swiss artist!

        • reply Angie Kent ,

          This is how I make hollow beads: Attach your design to a cotton ball with liquid clay. Cut out the bead holes with a small cookie cutter. Bake and let cool. Soak the cooked bead in a cup of water for few minutes. The cotton gets soaked and is easy to remove with a cocktail stick. Voila – you will be left with a lovely hollow bead!

          • reply Janine Müller ,

            Wow… cool!
            Thank you for featuring my work. This really made my day!
            I play with this ball a little … maybe? 😉
            Big Hugs

            • reply Selma ,

              Great idea! I love it! 🙂

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