Polymer fins and feathers

South Florida’s Pamela Carman upcycles ceramic sculptures and vases, covering them with complex polymer cane slices mixed with metal leaf. The result is busy, beautiful fish (this one is 14-inches long) and bright finely-feathered birds (this Chickeechirp is 6-inches long). Pamela says that she has a blast making these sculptures and it shows.

France’s Sonya Girodon sent in the link. Having a link to a Florida artist come from a French reader reminds us just how global PCD fans have become.

  • reply Sonya's Polymer Creations ,

    Dear Pamela, I am so happy that your beautiful Fish Family is on PCD today! Congratulations to your wonderful work and talent. And thanks a lot, Cynthia, for publishing her work! Sonya

    • reply Alice Stroppel ,

      I love Pamela’s work. I was lucky enough to spend time with her in her studio and see her work in person. It’s colorful and full of life. She’s a super fun person too.
      So happy to see her here, thanks Cynthia and Sonya.

      • reply Sonya's Polymer Creations ,

        Congratulations, Pamela! I am so glad your Fish Family made it onto Polymer Clay Daily! The first time I saw your fish, I fell in love with them. Thanks a lot, Cynthia, for showing Pamela’s work to the world…

        • reply Lucy ,

          Congratulations, Pamela! Absolutely love your work!!!

          I was wondering… when covering vases and things, how do you get such smooth lines between different canes? When I try to do it, it’ll always have lines and bumps…

          • reply pati bannister ,

            Lovely lovely work! I love the whimsy and the glorious detail ….

            • reply D. Mac ,

              Pamela – such lovely work. I love anything fish. Do you sell your work or have a price list? I would love a few of your pieces.

              • reply Pamela Carman ,

                Thanks everyone. I went to open my daily dose of inspiration at PCD and found me?
                How crazy is that!

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