Organic extruded cane

Louise Smith’s Swanwalk cane marries Bettina Welker’s extruded retro cane with Alice Stroppel’s scrap idea. The resulting combination cane looks organic and like snakeskin.

Louise takes a chunk of scrap ho-hum cane, reduces it to a diameter that fits the extruder, and tops it off with two chunks of contrasting plain colored polymer. The resulting long extruded snakes are combined Bettina-retro-style. It’s all documented on Louise’s Flickr site. Getting your head around the concept is a good exercise to start the week.

And while you’re getting acquainted with Louise, be sure to look at her Facebook page which is filled with even more eye candy. Thanks to Perrie May for the new link.

  • reply Anna ,

    Cynthia, could you please share with some information about Dee Wilder (Maladora)? I really miss her her Flickr.
    Thank you!

    • reply Evelien ,

      • reply Lilly ,

        what happened to dee wilder? I found her work a week or two ago and it’s absolutely amazing but she seems to have disappeared from the net?

      • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

        That is absolutely EXTRAORDINARY. I’d talk about pushing the envelope, but clearly here in polymer clay land there IS no envelope.

        • reply MaryKay ,

          I love this idea. What fun!

          • reply Barb Lessen ,

            I just love this technique! I am always so thrilled to have a new technique to try and the people that share them. WOW!


            • reply Evelien ,

              This is just too ridiculously simple to do but what an amazingly beautiful effect. Thank you soo much for sharing!

              • reply phyllis ,

                Wonderful! I just cant believe how easy it is to do to get this great effect! Where did I put my extruder!

                • reply Mihai Ciupe ,

                  I will give it a try ASAP. I love the organic feel of the final result. I always look for work that looks organic and have texture related to nature.
                  Again, beautiful work. I will try to post my result on your technique on my flickr account.

                  Best wishes,
                  Mihai Ciupe

                  • reply Christina ,

                    I adore PCD! I just used Louise Smith’s Swanwalk cane tutorial on her Flickr site to make an extruded swanwalk cane and it became my very first ever use of my fancy new iphone 7+ and facebook and Artway extruder to post info on my site.
                    Thank you Cynthia and Louise!!!

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