Dixie103 on PCDaily

These shapely complex beads from Dixie103 (Julie) provide a pleasant start to the week. Her husband thought they looked like magic lamps and dubbed them Alladin beads.

The shapes and patterns and muted colors make your eyes dance around to take in all the delightful curves and canes.

Julie is still shy about her work though it’s now her fulltime day job. See what she’s up to (she even posted her first tutorial) on Flickr.

  • reply Nevenka Sabo ,

    She is amazing. I love her work. I’ve found about her on Flickr and wrote a blog post about her.
    Simply stunning work!

    • reply Lisa Mackin ,

      Pretty work! Her cane work is lovely!

      • reply Kristie Foss ,

        Julie has absolutely no reason to be shy about her work. Her canes are outstanding, and the variety of bead shapes is wonderful. I had not seen her work before, and I’m especially captivated by her “crewel” canes. Amazing!

        • reply Loretta ,

          This work is so masterful. I especially love the Jacobean motifs where the color is perfectly yummy!! Why oh why would you not claim your mastery and shout out loud Julie?? Simply beautiful.

          • reply Julie Picarello ,

            if I could reach right through the computer screen to grab these, they’d be gone in an instant. Playful yet sophisticated, striking color palettes and patterns…absolutely delicious!

            • reply Kate Simpson ,

              Amazing cane work I am super impressed. Don’t be shy about your stunning work.

              • reply carissa ,

                EDIBLE. Delightful and restful to the eye. Lovely colors and forms. good job!

                • reply Shirley ,

                  I don’t believe I have ever come across someone who has mastered caning like Julie. Her work is exquisite! Still trying to figure out how she can cane a round bead with absolutely NO distortions! Amazing!!!!!

                  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

                    I am a giant fan of Julie’s work, just so beautiful. So happy to see more of her work here.

                    • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

                      Simply stunning in their complexity and truly inspirational!! The cane work is magic!

                      • reply Dede Leupold ,

                        I came across some of Julie’s barrettes with a black background and pinned them to a board in my Pinterest. They are absolutley beautiful! Love her color combinations and arrangements of everything she creates! Thanks for sharing her work!

                        • reply Nancy Richardson ,

                          Absolutely beautiful beads! Love the colors and mixtures of designs, bravo!!

                          • reply Cynthia ,

                            She’s Julie Dickson from Stoughton, Wisconsin. My friend ran into her selling her lovely polymer at the Mt. Horeb Art Fair. Mystery solved!

                            • reply Jaqui ,

                              I know this post is old but I’m looking for Julie Dickerson, at a upcoming art show or a website. I am in love with her stuff and would love to add to my collection.

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