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Go on a little egg hunt with me today. First I bumped into Angela Hickey’s flower-covered eggs (one chicken, one quail). Hers is a traditional approach straight from her garden of flower canes.

Ariane Friesleben camoflaged her eggs with Swelligant patinas to make them look like precious metallic treasures. She offers a carved faux ivory version as well.

This Jan Montarsi egg was hiding in his Flickr gallery. His palette includes pearl clays and pinata inks (here’s the tutorial) in the mix which makes the extruded strings glow.

All of this led me back to the PolymerArtArchives and one of my all-time favorite eggs from a 1991 series by Ford and Forlano (then City Zen Cane). You can still find echoes of David and Steven’s bright graphic roots in their current work.

Even Martha Stewart was in on the hunt this year. Yep, here’s the video that shows Martha trying her hand at polymer.

  • reply Eva-marion Schulz ,

    Oh, I just love them! Here in Austria it´s still snowing, so these colours warm up my heart. I´ve seen Ford/Forlanos egg before- what astoundingly accurate work! I´ve made some more “Flying Eggs” myself. Happy Easter Holidays!

    • reply Babs Young ,

      I have one of the Ford and Forlano, City Zen Cane, eggs. I see it each day. I even remember the workshops they did for us in Columbus. Good times!!

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        Wow. Love all of these. So different, so interesting. Happy Easter, Ya’ll!!!

        • reply Jan Montarsi ,

          Thanks for the mention Cynthia. And Such great company too!!
          This also led to another snowflake tutorial sale and another donation to the Samunnat Womans Project !!!!!!!!

          • reply Angela Hickey ,

            What a great way to start off my day! Thank you so much!!

            • reply Jan Montarsi ,

              Plus Two MORE !!

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