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This week big, rough, natural-looking beads kept popping up all over the world. We’ve got Anna Krichevskaya (left) from Russia, Kseniya Iokhna from Belarus, and Danièle Moucadel in Italy all catching the same vibe. All different, of course, but with an emphasis on light and hollow (or with big holes which is similar).

Anna calls her necklace Jeans Forever and she sells her big, earthy, informal jewelry here.

Danièle (right) refers to her heavy cord as jump rope (or that’s how it translated). The heavy cord works well with this jumble of big rings. If you can get to her Facebook page you’ll see even more in this vein.

Kseniya (Xenia) Iokhna goes under the name of SolarBird and she lives in Minsk. She calls these hollowed out round beads Druid Stones.

 Iokhna on PCDaily

Xenia pinpoints her influences – the architect Zaha Hadid and paper artist Jeremy May. It’s easy to see the echoes in her work. Whew, there’s so much to look at these days. Have an inspired weekend.

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    So ancient-looking and so fresh at the same time! Thank you for the tour, Cynthia, very enjoyable.

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      love these earthy works–I could see where they would be BFFs with Claire Maunsell.

      • reply Kit Lockwood ,

        Have to admit, at first glance I thought – not my thing. But looked a second longer and was drawn in. Want some Jeans Forever. Secretly wishing I had made them. And am loving the Druid Stones. Jump Rope sounds like a perfect name to me.

        • reply cecile ,

          Magnifique, bravo Danym, tes créas sont toujours aussi belles et originales

          • reply Magali ,

            Merci pour cette découverte j’adore !!

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