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Looking for diversion? How about polymer headpins like these rustic, antiqued ones from Missouri’s Ginger Davis Allman?

Ginger even offers a tutorial for her headpins, connectors, charms and other beads if you want her insider tips. She moves between grungy and romantic looks, abusing the beads until they look just right.

Ginger gave a clear explanation and comparison of translucent clays in an earlier PCD post and you’ll want to catch up with her more recent faux glass experiments.

Be warned, she’s having so much fun and writes so well that you may end up spending more time on her pages than you anticipated. Of course you’ll want to check in on her Facebook and Etsy sites too. And best of all, her husband offers a handy photo template for that troublesome new Flickr layout.

  • reply Lynda Moseley ,

    Ginger is one of my favorite polymer people, and a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for featuring her work this morning, Cynthia. She will be over the moon!

    Congratulations, Ginger!

    • reply Anita Brandon ,

      Ginger……Talented, creative, innovative, and a truly lovely person! We’re so lucky that her favorite medium has become polymer clay.

      • reply JuLee ,

        Way to go Ginger. Cynthia is right. Ginger’s Blue Bottle Tree site is loaded with information and such a pleasure to read.

        • reply Jay ,

          Another great tut from a very talented lady. Just bought it. Lots of pictures, easy to understand and at a very reasonable price. Ditto what all the other ladies said above. Jay

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