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No-fear polymer fashions from Moscow’s Oxana Volkova. Her love of color extends from a headband bubbling with colors, textures and patterns to makeup that continues the artistry. Are those mokume gane lips?

Why not wear summer? Here are her bracelets, her mixed media, more of her fashion shoots.

  • reply Jacque Stratton ,

    I would love to see more non-jewelry items featured. Are you having a bad week, Cynthia. This stuff you are featuring this week is weird and UGLY. Whaat’s up?

    • reply Ronna ,

      Wow … Her work is extraordinary. Not only is her artistic voice clear and consistent among the different mediums she uses, but it’s quite accomplished too. Even her felted scarves manage to combine wild energy with sublime color design. Her photography also has a gifted eye. Funny how my reaction is so opposite Jacque’s — seeing her work is a fabulous and inspiring start to my day. Thank you, Cynthia.

      • reply Fruitensse ,

        What a colorful photo! Her work is not my cup of tea, but I find something special in it, kind of her polymer clay way =)

        • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

          Gnarly:) I like the chunky-ness of her pieces!

          • reply Lorrene ,

            Love, all of her work. Thanks.

            • reply kni.kni ,

              Oksoon is one of my absolute favorite polymer clay artists. She has own style and point of view, love how she mixes media (clay + felt) and that she feels free to be different.

              • reply Lynn Lunger/UnaOdd ,

                What fun and fabulous pieces, and creative photography! I always enjoy the work you share!

                • reply Sandra D. ,

                  That is good no fear. your work is fantastic.

                  • reply Loretta ,

                    I agree with Ronna. There’s a fabulous cohesiveness to Oxana’s visual interests and their expression in her work. We were discussing just this idea in our recent creativity retreat, where I challenged the students to create vision boards which would heighten their awareness about what they found visually compelling. Look carefully at Oxana’s pictures and you will see that she loves the layering of different textures and patterns. And there it is in her work. That’s the way to find your unique artistic voice!

                    • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

                      Wild and Wonderful!

                      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                        I missed this earlier–I LOVE Oxana’s style; It seems so simple but it stops you in your tracks and makes you think about it–and that, for me, is what art should do.

                        • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

                          This really woke me up today. It’s one thing to coordinate a piece of polymer clay with your wardrobe. It’s a very different thing to think about the make-up, the entire facial look. Really amazing. Very Annie Lennox!

                          P.S. Given the trend of nail polish these days, Oxana could be visiting unexplored territory and setting a new trend in lipstick.

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