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On a hot day, the graceful, spare designs from Ohio’s Grace Stokes are like a cool breeze.

Grace says that her work with polymer was born out of frustration. "I did not want to be limited by the color or pattern or size of a stone," she says. " Polymer allows me the versaility to create elements and qualities exactly to the specifications that I want for my designs."

Time for a mint julip!

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    Grace's work has really evolved–she caught my attention a few years back with her striking leaf designs in gold and coppers–I love to see where she's taken the medium  in recent years.

    • reply Bonnie Blandford ,

      After seeing this beautiful piece a couple of days ago I have to comment. As beautiful as it looks in this picture, it's even more breathtaking in person! I love Grace's new direction, and that she's taking advantage of her painting background. I need to own her work!!!


      • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

        So delicate…. a lovely piece.

        • reply S. Conaway ,

          It's so inspiring to see polymer reach this caliber and be integrated so beautifully into such refined metal work. Thank you, PCD, for featuring this!

          • reply Grace ,

            Thanks so much for the kind words and attention to my work.  Very much appreciated!

            • reply Sue Counselman ,

              The effect in the leaves is really brilliant.

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