Polymer fight cloud

Stevens on PCDaily

France’s Tracey Stevens (Polyflavour) launched an Indegogo campaign to help finance her booth at the Grand Marché de Noel de Créateurs show.

Her polymer canes are inspired by cartoons from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. “I want people to know the source of my inspiration and to watch the cartoons, look at the comics and learn more about them and hopefully share my fascination when they wear and display my work,” she explains.

Stevens on PCDaily

Tracey’s exciting and complex Fight Cloud bowl is one of the perks from her campaign. Cartoon characters tangle inside the bowl while on the outside, large versions of their features become abstract art.

I don’t know how PCD overlooked Polyflavour and thanks to a hint from reader Jody Newman, she’s now on board. Tracey’s videos show her making canes, she’s got an Etsy shop and a Facebook page to acquaint you with her comical art.

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