Buddha nature polymer

Barbaccia on PCDaily

Everybody’s back at the gym as Joseph Barbaccia reminds us with his Exercising Your Buddha Nature illustration in polymer. Lately his illustrations have all been created by using thin strands of polymer as strokes of color.

Joseph must be in touch with his own Buddha nature to compose such meticulous polymer works.

He took a less appealing view of the body in his 2010 Integration series of works. His Obesity fuses the belly (the hair is his own) with a kitchen grater.

Barbaccia on PCDaily

Joseph lives in Virginia and has worked for 35 years in graphic design and as an art director.

  • reply Maggie ,

    Fascinating to see how other artists use polymer. Thanks for continuing to expand our world.

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      Love the Buddha, not so much the grater!

      • reply Ronalyn Hurley ,


        • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

          Simply amazing and an interesting use of the Medium…I’m inspired…

          • reply Joseph Barbaccia ,

            Thanks fort he Shout Out Cynthia. I’ve been working with polymer clay for just under a year and am enjoying all it’s possibilities.

            • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

              Glad you added polymer to your toolbox! Welcome.

            • reply Victoria Barton ,

              umm great!!!! yeah that’s what Ill go with.

              • reply Sally Pointon ,

                Very interesting to see polymer used in socio commentary ; thanks Cynthia. All the best for 2014 to you all, stay warm.

                • reply Jan Montarsi ,

                  So Glad you showed up here Joseph so everyone can go see your work.

                  I think I have gone back 20 times to look. .

                • reply Margaret Heizenrader ,

                  Humm… The Buddha is not fat! Would the artist portray Jesus on a treadmill? Imagine Jesus on this treadmill. That might offend some people as having The Buddha on the treadmill may also do

                  • reply Joseph Barbaccia ,

                    The Fat Buddha (“Laughing Buddha”) has been an image exclusive to Chinese Buddhism.
                    Would Jesus on the treadmill be white European, as most paintings represent, or Middle Eastern Semitic as the area of his birth Are you offended by a White European Jesus??

                    • reply Margaret Heizenrader ,

                      I not offended by a White European Jesus. Look at the images in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. From when I was a kid I always thought it was interesting that their Jesus has light brown hair and blue eyes. Somewhat atypical features for someone who was born in the eastern Mediterranean.

                      Maybe the “Laughing Buddha” would be more accurately described as a Bodhisattva. There are lots of Bodhisattvas – they are kind of like angels. They gave up their chance of final reincarnation to take care of those who question and doubt. The Dalai Lama is considered a reincarnation of The Buddha of Compassion.

                    • reply Margaret Heizenrader ,

                      I have done more research on the subject of “The Laughing Buddha”, also known at “Budai”.

                      This is NOT Gautama Buddha, the real Buddha. The Buddha of history.

                      Google Budai and you will see that this image is NOT a real, true depiction of the Real, True Buddha.

                      It’s penny candy. It’s Mickey Mouse. It’s NOT the Real, True Buddha.

                      • reply Margaret Heizenrader ,

                        It’s like a velvet Elvis.

                        • reply Leslie Blackford ,

                          I am in LOVE with this amazing piece. Wow. Joseph, where might one see more of your your. Truly unique. Thanks Cynthia for sharing this.

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