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There’s a bit of leftover New Year’s celebration in these flashy polymer pieces from Connecticut’s Kristie Foss. Glitter flakes and micro marbles are suspended in resin layered over Skinner blends. She captures the party confetti in mid-air.

In another recent post, Kristie shows off her imitation opal which she achieves with a slurry of iridescent flakes, alcohol inks and translucent liquid polymer over metal leaf on polymer.

Prowl through Kristie’s site to give your Monday a boost of inspiration. The link came to PCD from Katie Oskin.

  • reply Pippa ,

    These are so beautiful,

    • reply Melinda Collins ,

      Kristie’s work is always beautiful. She also teaches at Meiklem Kiln Works in CT. The class prices are more than reasonable and always lots of fun.

      • reply Katie ,

        Kristie’s work is GORGEOUS! Absolutely LOVE these pieces!

        • reply Iris Mishly ,

          I had the pleasure of having Kristie as my student a year ago, she is the most sweet person I’ve ever met and her imagination with talent produce such great ideas. I love these series! Yay Kristie! Big hugs 🙂

          • reply Carole ,

            The opal looks great one more thing to do with the alcohol inks I got for Christmas !
            This time I will wear an APRON !!! I’m a little messy !

            • reply Sandra D. ,

              The colors are amazing !!!!!!!!!

              • reply Lorrene ,

                Her work is amazing! Thank you SO much for today’s post. Yummy.

                • reply Deborah Ross ,

                  Thank you for introducing me to the blog and beautiful work of Kristie Foss. She has a lot to say about her many experiments and it’s interesting reading and looking at the many pictures of her work.

                  • reply Aniko Kolesnikova ,

                    Looks pretty festive to me 🙂

                    • reply Candice Bishop ,

                      Those are amazing! <3

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