Chandler on PCDaily

Victoria BC’s Gera Scott Chandler hints that she’s returning to her polymer on canvas works. If you look closely at this sample crackled luminous polymer painting of pears you’ll see micro marbles on the glowing surface.

She has a loose easy style that may come from years spent teaching art to young children. Gera’s decided that 2014 is the year for her to teach her methods for assembling vibrant colored compositions.

She uses her veneer method to apply polymer to her FuSion bracelets as well as to canvases and other forms.

Chandler on PCDaily

She shows the basics of working on canvas in her chapter in my Polymer Clay Global Perspectives book. I’m hoping that she’ll announce some classes where she’ll reveal even more of her refinements.

Here’s her Etsy site and you can follow along on Facebook and Flickr as she dips her toe back into teaching.

  • reply Lorrene ,

    Oh, my goodness Cynthia!!!!!!!!!!!! Her work is AMAZING … thanks for the post. I hope she comes to ARCHES (IPCA) retreat this summer. I want to meet her and see her work up close and personal.

    Again. THANKS for the posts.

    • reply Silvana Bates ,

      These are so beautiful! Love the colours and style!

      • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

        Thanks so much for featuring my work today Cynthia- it is always a thrill and what a perfect time of the year to receive such an encouraging boost!


        • reply Debbie Crothers ,

          Gorgeous work from Gera – huge fan.

          • reply Rae Hunter ,

            I really didn’t like polymer from my very narrow knowledge and view of it but after meeting Gera my appreciation of her work has changed my thought about it. She is amazing and so creative.

            • reply Tko ,

              I remember seeing this piece before and am glad to find it again. It is marvelous, and I hope lots of other people will get to see it and enjoy it. Should be on display somewhere–perhaps it already is, of course.

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